We Love Coffee

Why 'Paramour'?

Jim left the naming up to his wife, laura. she figured coffee was his first love, so that made her the paramour. A kid, a dog, and a few roasters later, Paramour's passion is going strong.

Our mission is to make gourmet coffee accessible. No pretense or snobbery; just good coffee roasted the way it's meant to be. We hope you love your coffee as much as we revel in its creation.

Learning from the Greats.

Jim was fortunate to have learned the art of craft coffee from the master, himself: Alfred Peet. Before there was a chain coffee shop on every corner, Alfred ensured his legacy would endure through those who shared his passion.

The legendary Sal Bonavita, who owned Peet's Coffee in the 1980s, remains a trusted mentor and friend. Paramour Coffee is a tribute to these masters. Alfred passed years ago, but the question, "What would Alfred think?" comes up on a daily basis.


The Art of the Roast